Fangirls Unlimited - The Company

“Brains, Brawn and Beauty - use them to your advantage. As women, we should never feel like a damsel in distress."

- Jennifer Hobbs

 Located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada - Fangirls Unlimited©/GGE© publicly introduced their company product line(s) in 2016 after committing to extensive development of brand identity, company policies and product quality standards. Fangirls Unlimited© prides itself in keeping up to date with the newest ingredients and latest consumer trends. We attend cosmetic conferences, trade shows, Comic Con trade shows, and, most importantly, listen to our customers. We couldn’t do this without you!

Jennifer Hobbs (owner/operator) developed this company with specific criteria to ensure that her vision would inspire and encourage other women to be the hero in their own stories. Not just a makeup company - Fangirls Unlimited© is an intimate view into Jennifer’s past and the impact that artists and storytellers of DC Comics and Justice League Universe had.

Company Focus

Fangirls Unlimited© was developed out of customer need for high quality, paraben-free and animal cruelty prohibited formulas. Committed to Canadian Health & Safety Standards/ Regulations.

At Fangirls Unlimited© we want to provide you with high quality, highly pigmented products, that blend beautifully, look and feel great and give you long wear ability.

We take great care in seeking out our manufacturers because we not only want them to meet our standards, but to meet and hopefully exceed yours.  One thing as a Canadian based company that we are extremely proud of is the fact our products are made here, in Canada (Exception: Invisible Lip & Brow Pencil made in Germany)
Not only do our products meet the strict standards for cosmetics in Canada, but also the US, the EU and more

Research and Development

The focus of product development is to create advanced products using naturally derived ingredients.


Products are shipped anywhere in the world. Because of the North American Free Trade Agreement, there are no duties or taxes for product shipped to the U.S. Our experienced shipping department has contacts with major land, sea, and air carriers. We ‘shop around’ to get the best rates and service. Manufactured in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

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