• Clearly Simple Invisible Lip and Brow Pencil

Clearly Simple Invisible Lip and Brow Pencil


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At Fangirls Unlimited we want to make wearing make-up simple and provide good value for your money.  That's why our Clearly Simple Invisible Lip and Brow liner is a double duty product and one of our favourites! Both our Invisible Lip & Brow Pencil and our Liquid Magic Eyeliner are designed to give you multiple looks and use in one "Simple" product.

Almost all lipsticks feather.  That's what lip pencils were designed for.  They were meant to stop the feathering and give your lipstick that nice clean edge finish.  Most lip pencils are coloured so often women own multiple coloured lip pencils to go with their various shades of lipstick.  But why spend more and store more than you have to when you can achieve the same results with just one product?

Our Clearly Simple Invisble Lip and Brow Pencil is just that, clear!  Using this invisible pencil to create the line around your lip will stop your lipstick from feathering no matter what colour you choose to wear. One pencil does it all and no more need to worry about finding the best pencil colour to match.

Don't forget this pencil also pulls double duty and can also be used as a brow pencil.

You can't go wrong with Clearly Simple!!


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