• Gunmetal - Lipstick
  • Gunmetal - Lipstick
  • Gunmetal - Lipstick

Gunmetal - Lipstick


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Steampunk? Goth? A fangirl/boy of  fantastically, fabulous bold colours?... This lipstick is for you!!  One of our favorites for "Everyday to Cosplay," Gunmetal is a deep charcoal with stunning, shimmery flecks of silver.  When you want to create a look that is anything but ordinary Gunmetal is sure to please your colour palette! (get it? lol?!) Yes, we realize that is a bad attempt at humour but we just couldn't help ourselves.

We recommend pairing this "heart stopper"  with our Klepto Kitty Palette for an overall deep and smokey look, but it especially gives an added punch to a bad pussycats cosplay!

Are you into the wondrous world of Witchcraft, Wizardry and Magic?  Check out our "You're a Wizard..." product line. Instead of going all green with our "Cunning and Ambitious" Palette and "Poisonous" lipstick you can bring out the silver tone in the eyes by using Gunmetal on the lips.  You can even turn the "soft-hearted" look of our "Loyal and Just" Palette and look a Bad A** just by subbing Gunmetal for any of our softer toned lip colors.  No Dark Wizard Will ever question your allegiance again or any Muggle dare to check your luggage.  Consider yourself "Muggle Worthy"

Do you enjoy spending Thursday nights with a couple of Sexy Brothers, an Angel and the "King of Hell"? Is saving people and hunting things what you are meant to do? Then your gonna need some "Gunmetal" along with a little "Salt and Burn" to fighting off "Were-pires", "Vengeful Spirits" and other monsters that go bump in the night.  Check out Moose","Squirrel" and our "Fallen Guardian Angel" palettes under our "The Family Business." product line. (and be sure to come back soon as we are set to bring in a whole lot of other "Family" members to help in the fight soon!!!

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